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NAI Newsletter 2018-3

Message from the chair of the Advisory Board

As announced in the previous newsletter, on 1 May last a completely new Executive Board took office. The former Executive Board had at the time almost reached the maximum statutory term of 2x4 years. The somewhat early resignation goes together with the – also announced in the previous newsletter – retirement of the current Managing Director Fredy von Hombracht-Brinkman, LL.M. as of 1 April 2019. It seemed sensible to leave the recruitment and selection process for her successor to a new Executive Board; in the end, the new Managing Director will also have to function under the leadership of the new Executive Board.

The NAI and all of those involved with the NAI owe thanks to the (now former) members of the Executive Board Willem van Baren, LL.M. (chair), Bommel van der Bend, LL.M. (secretary/treasurer), Prof Filip de Ly and Suzanne Drion, LL.M. for the good work they did for the NAI for the past almost eight years. In this regard, one especially thinks of the significant changes to the NAI Arbitration Rules as of 1 January 2015. The NAI's move in the middle of 2017 to the "Delftse Poort", a beautiful, practical and dynamic office environment where the NAI can function well, also deserves mention. For that matter, commendations go out to the Managing Director and the secretariat for the way they handled this major operation. read more >


Summary Annual Report 2017

Would you like to know more about the NAI? The Summary Annual Report 2017 is now available.

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