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Since all arbitration proceedings are unique a fully detailed cost estimate cannot be provided. The total costs of arbitration are comprised of the following elements:

  • Arbitrator(s) costs:
    • Fees: a variable amount based on the length, financial interest, and complexity of the case, resulting in a fixed hourly rate. This hourly rate is agreed upon by the Netherlands Arbitration Institute and the arbitrator(s) upon confirmation of his/her/their appointment, pursuant to the rates set by the Executive Board. The hourly rates set by the Executive Board are non-negotiable.
    • The costs of the arbitrator(s), which may include the costs of a hearing room, the costs of filing an arbitral award with the courts, travel expenses, and the costs of a secretary, an expert and/or an interpreter.
    • Other costs that must be incurred according to the arbitrator(s), such as costs made to hear witnesses.
    • In order to cover the fees and disbursements of the arbitrator(s) a deposit is required.
  • The NAI’s administration costs: the amount due is calculated on the basis of the financial interest of the claim or counterclaim. Please refer to the cost calculator below to calculate the specific amount due.
  • Costs of legal assistance: NAI arbitration does not have mandatory legal representation. The arbitral tribunal may order the unsuccessful party to pay a reasonable amount for the the costs of legal assisstance of the successful party.


Administration costs calculator

The estimation has no legal implications and should not be considered as necessarily reflecting the administration costs that will be due under Article 53 of the Rules.

Total monetary interest of the claim:

EUR .00

Administration costs:

EUR  *
*Please note, this amount does not include VAT



Hourly rates for arbitrators

From 1 April 2019 until 15 February 2022

From 15 February 2022 onwards

NAI basic deposits

From 1 April 2019 until 15 February 2022

From 15 February 2022 onwards

NAI administration costs

From 1 May 2019 until 15 February 2022

From 15 February 2022 onwards



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