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Course of NAI mediation

How does one submit a request for mediation to the NAI?

The parties must file a joint request for mediation with the NAI. If they do not jointly file the request, the NAI will ask the other party or parties involved to confirm their willingness to resolve the dispute by means of mediation.

In order to initiate mediation proceedings, a request for mediation must be submitted to the NAI Secretariat by e-mail (secretariaat@nai-nl.org). Attachments must be sent along by e-mail. The request may be brief and it is not tied to a particular format. However, certain particulars must be mentioned in the request. The request may be submitted by all the parties involved in a dispute or by one or more of them. You may also use the Medation Request form.


How does NAI mediation work?

After the NAI has received confirmation of the willingness of all parties to participate in the mediation and after the administration costs have been paid, the mediator is appointed. Initially, the parties appoint the mediator themselves. If the parties cannot reach a joint decision, the NAI will appoint the mediator.

After the mediator has been appointed and the deposit has been made, the NAI calls a meeting between the mediator and the parties. During this meeting, the mediation agreement is concluded: the parties undertake to resolve their dispute, with the help of the mediator, by means of a settlement agreement.

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