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Court of Arbitration for Art

Court of Arbitration for Art (“CAfA”) is now accepting Arbitrator and Mediator applications

A joint initiative of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute and Authentication in Art led to the founding of CAfA. CAfA is founded to resolve disputes in the wider art community through mediation and arbitration.

The cases will be administered by the NAI and will be heard by arbitrators and mediators who are seasoned lawyers and are familiar with industry practice and issues specific to art disputes. For arbitrations in which forensic science and provenance issues arise, which are often at the core of disputes in the art industry, tribunal appointed experts will provide neutral expert evidence. Through involving leading industry arbitrators, mediators and experts, CAfA aims to increase the quality of the decision making and the market acceptability of the outcome of disputes. CAfA further aims to provide cost and time efficient dispute resolution services.

CAfA is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications from candidate arbitrators and mediators to be considered for placement in the CAfA arbitrator and the mediator pool. In order to ensure that the arbitrators and mediators obtain the desired level of (art law) experience, CAfA established a set of selection criteria. These selection criteria can be downloaded here. CAfA invites those persons that consider themselves to meet these criteria to make an application through submission of an application form, that can be filled out here for arbitrators and here for mediators after registration of your e-mail address.

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of academics and former judges who have gained particular experience in art law. The selection committee will propose candidates for placement into the arbitrator and mediator pools to CAfA. Following submissions of applications, the candidates will receive a confirmation thereof and successful candidates will be inserted in the arbitrator and mediator pool, which will be published online. By submissions of applications, candidates agree that their data is being processed by CAfA, the NAI and the AiA.

The CAfA Arbitration Rules can be found here.


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